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Symmetry is a pathway of life, love and empowerment to discover, embrace and live your Sacred Self, tapping into the power within to manifest your desire to be well, whole and perfect of mind, body and soul and to restore and maintain your celebration of health and rejuvenation in peace, joy and harmony in all areas of your life.

The philosophy of Symmetry is:

There is no greater power than that which lies within.

 Symmetry is based on four basic principles:            

bulletTo let go of your judgments
bulletTo transmute your fears
bulletTo become empowered
bulletTo love and honor yourself and others.

Have you ever wondered why you are so sensitive
or why life fails to go the way you expected?

The body was created with an amazing energy system.  When this energy system is working in perfect order, we realize a natural state of continual health and vitality. Due to stress from fear and self-judgment this system often becomes fragmented and dysfunctional at an early age. The original blueprint lies dormant within the core of your being. Symmetry courses assist you in restoring and maintain this original matrix of life, love and empowerment.

Symmetry offers you an opportunity to:

Heal your life. Rebuild your life. Celebrate your life.

Are you willing? . . . Are you ready?

Do you have a personal definition for peace?

Can you define joy? Not just happiness, but pure joy.

Can you find harmony in the middle of a traffic jam?

If your fast pace life has left you feeling overwhelmed, empty,  unfulfilled and weary, could it be you have given away the most precious thing you own – your life force?

Are you living your dreams? Do you still have passion for life?    

If you think life is supposed to be more than this . . . you are right!

Experience Symmetry and find the peace, joy and harmony
you are looking for!

Imagine if everyone on this planet was in
 a continuous state of love, joy, peace, and harmony.
What kind of a world would we have?
Now, imagine if every cell in your body and every thought you expressed
was one of love, joy, peace and harmony. What kind of a being would you be?
It is time to Love Yourself into existence and remember you are magnificent!
As you express your magnificence you will be healed –
and as you heal – you heal the world.



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